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Manny Deshauteurs

Personal Trainer

Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Manny Deshauteurs and I’m a personal trainer at The Fitness Factory in Brevard, NC. To keep things brief, I’ve been coaching and training for the last 15 years. In the beginning, fitness performance training was something I got into in order to help my son excel in sports. Thankfully, it was a success and he’s now playing college football at Tusculum University.

I’ve always enjoyed working with AND meeting new people. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for personal training or to ask training questions.I’m here for you and know I can help you reach your health goals. I look forward to hearing from you!

Bill Bailey

Personal Trainer

Certifications: CPT-NASM  (National Academy of Sports Medicine since 1991),  CPT-NSCA  (National Strength and Conditioning Association since 2003), Nutrition Coach – NASN (National Association of Sports Nutrition since 2004)

(Pictured on right) I have been training clients of all ages since 1991. My focus is helping the individual or small group improve on the specific movements and health concerns that matter to them!

I grew up in Daytona Beach Florida and went in the Marine Corps right after high school in September of 1984. After four years in the Marines, I went to college and played one year of collegiate baseball before some shoulder and elbow injuries limited my career.

While in college, I discovered my passion for exercise science and nutrition. Which led me to this career in fitness training and coaching. I have trained kids as young as 9 years old and adults as old as 96.

I start every client with a Fitness Assessment, to help me see their abilities, strengths and weaknesses. This along with knowing their specific goals helps me to design a weekly workout routine for them to progress towards their desired goals.

The first session starts with assessing posture alignment and flexibility. Then moving to balance movements and functional movements such as, squats and lunges, based on the client’s knee stability and strength.

Measuring lung capacity on a stationary bike is next in this assessment session.

Then we move to core movements like abdominal and lower back stability movements such as, Seated Knee Raises or Reverse Crunches and Planks and/ or Torso Cable Rotations.

Finally finishing with upper body pushing and pulling movements, such as, Seated Cable Pulldowns, Pushups or Chest Press movements.

There are also compound movements that can be used in this initial session based on how stable, and strong the person is. These movements require a high level of skill, strength, and stability to perform properly.

When clients start showing steady progress in joint stability along with their muscles adapting to this progressive stress put on their muscles and bones, we can add other compound movements such as, Squat to Row or Squat to Press. There are a variety of strength and functional movements that can be performed, with cables and dumbbells or kettlebells.

These different tools offer a variety of challenges to muscles that stabilize the body while engaging larger muscles to execute each rep properly. Proper form and control are probably the most important aspects of training the body! Mindful awareness of feeling and sensing the muscles engaged is also just as important, and maybe the most important part of training and making progress!

My passion for training people of all ages has continued to grow after all these years of helping clients with their specific goals and needs! The learning and growing in all areas of our lives never stops! When we strive for BALANCE in life, we tend to have a desire to learn more about your body and mind and that connection for Quality of life!

Kelly Garrett

Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Kelly Garrett! I have been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2016, during that time I have refined my fitness strategy to provide the best results and most importantly to do so while having fun! I know that if you enjoy your workouts, you are much more likely to stick with them. I’m all about building amazing habits, for how you workout and eat; this will help you feel better both physically and mentally and who doesn’t want that?!

As a professional natural bodybuilder, mom, and wife I understand how hard it can be to balance life and find time for yourself. I want to help show you how taking that time to workout won’t just help your body, but it will help you feel happier, more optimistic, help with stress, and even give you more energy. I will create you a program which will never grow boring, so that it is easy for you to make working out part of your daily routine. I offer one-on-one, couples and small group training options. Let me know how I can help you!

Carleen Dixon

Personal Trainer

Hi everyone, I’m Carleen Dixon! I have had a lifelong journey in various sports, competing in various competitions, enjoying time exploring the outdoors but through all of this the gym and strength training have been a huge part of my overall training and health. I started formally helping others with their journey in 2015 when I obtained my TRX Suspension Trainer Certification, in 2017 I received my ACE Certified Personal Trainer, in 2022 I completed my Barbell Rehab Certification and in 2023 I completed my Silver Sneakers Certification. These trainings have provided me with a strong base of knowledge to help you reach your goals…be that a powerlifting competition, a mountain bike race, a 5k, or to gain movement that you lost due to an injury. I offer one-on-one training, couples, small groups, various classes, online and online/in-person hybrid. Do you want to get started today but don’t know where to start? This is where I can help. Call, text or email me: 425-231-6900 or [email protected]. #Let’sGo!

Maddie Marraccini

Yoga Instructor

Hi there, my name is Maddie! I am so excited to be here doing what I love. I have a BS degree in Exercise Science, Minor in Yoga Studies, and RYT 200 certification from UNC Wilmington. I am a DōTERRA Wellness Advocate and love to utilize essential oils and educate about nontoxic living. I am also working towards becoming a birth/postpartum doula. I love being outside, being active, traveling, and spending time with family, friends, and my dog! Join me for yoga at The Fitness Factory! It’s a safe place to come as you are. Namaste

Shannon Roberts

Fitness Instructor

Shannon is a graduate of Liberty University and a self-motivated fitness instructor who stays current on fitness ideas and trends with over thirty-five years of active experience with Group Exercise, Personal Training and Fitness Management. She is a health and wellness coach with a passion to help others take back their health. She holds a Silver Sneakers Circuit Certification and is a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She also holds multiple group exercise certifications to include: Yogabody Trapeze Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Fitness Nutrition, Transformation Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, TRX Suspension System, Zumba, and Aqua Specialist.

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